For Everybody And No One (IV)

by Matt Midgley


This is the fourth and final of a group of EPs, collectively titled 'For Everybody and No One'.

I'm aiming to release each part approximately 3 months apart (though I'm afraid real life is causing me to fall miserably short of that target thus far!), in the form of limited edition physical EPs (with unique handmade origami packaging) and as a digital download or stream from this very website!

For gig listings, general rambling, or musings on what this EP (and the others) are all about, visit

Thanks for listening!



released April 25, 2015

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Matt Midgley
Recorded and produced by Ben Cartwright
Mastered by Ben Cartwright
Artwork by Matt MIdgley

All rights reserved © 2015



Matt Midgley UK

Matt Midgley is a Scottish solo-acoustic musician currently based in Oxfordshire. Some people have said the following nice things about him and his music:

“Matt is a one man sledgehammer of in your face emotion and raw talent”
Mike Dawes, 2014

"highly-skilled, compellingly entertaining"
Guardian Music, 2012

"outstanding guitar virtuoso; excellent voice"
Icarus Club London, 2011
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