For Everybody and No One (I)

by Matt Midgley

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This is the first of four EPs, collectively titled 'For Everybody and No One'.

Each part will be released approximately 3 months apart, starting from the end of 2012, in the form of limited edition physical EPs (with unique handmade origami packaging) and as a digital download or stream from this very website (and several other mainstream distributors and streaming services, if that's your cup of tea).

For gig listings, general rambling, or musings on what this EP (and the others) are all about, visit

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released November 23, 2012

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Matt Midgley
Recorded and produced by Ian Budd at Cube Studios
Mastered by Tim Turan
Artwork by Matt Midgley

All rights reserved © 2012



all rights reserved


Matt Midgley UK

Matt Midgley is a Scottish solo-acoustic musician currently based in Oxfordshire. Some people have said the following nice things about him and his music:

“Matt is a one man sledgehammer of in your face emotion and raw talent”
Mike Dawes, 2014

"highly-skilled, compellingly entertaining"
Guardian Music, 2012

"outstanding guitar virtuoso; excellent voice"
Icarus Club London, 2011
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Track Name: Penumbra
A poet picks his words with care
With calculating poise
His woman too, he might calculate
But when he's done, he's done
A sucker: I got caught up by love
Was it real? Did it count?
You sing 'bout how you killed the man
Does that mean it's done, it's done

How many times have I thought these thoughts?
If I cared I might count
You might have killed the man dear
But he killed you too

An artist pushes paint around
The expression's in the wrist
He'll flick his brush to make you weep
But when he's done, he's done
I might of got what I deserve
For fucking with your head
Still I can't help but believe
That we're not done, not done
Track Name: Treehouse
Late night, come home
Feeling fine
A few jars down, played
Guess it went all right
But sitting in the dark
I can't help but stare
At the faces in the cloth
The faces in my head

I am sorry to put you through this
It's not your fault
Something takes hold, and then I'm caught
And before you know I'm
I'm going down, going down, going down
And I can't get back up
No I can't get back

Alone all day waiting
By the line
Got caught on a claw, bled
Locked outside
But sitting in the dark
I can't help but crave
A drink with a friend
But a friend I can't find here
Track Name: Ribbon
Lately I've been running
Much too fast
Eyes down, never watching
Never looking back
I guess it comes naturally to you

Those are the longest days

Everything is turmoil again
It's all collapsed
Focussed too much on one piece
And saw the gaps
But silence is louder without your breath

Those are the longest days

So long, snake: It's time to flow
Hello, bird: It's time you soared

So afraid of failure
So scared of success
Heard some advice
Took it from the best:

Get up
Man up
And carry on